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Lateral filing systems



 Tabtop filing systems


*  Print Cezi Labelling Software training video

* 4 Essential Records Management Practices for Mergers & Acquistions

* What is a classification and why is it important

 * Filing a necessary evil

 * Records Retention

* Records Retention Part 2

* Tips for enforcing and implementing your records management policy

* Filing Crimes

* Keep Calm and Keep Filing

* Are you compliant?

* File-o-Philia

* Colour Coding, How does it work?

* Filing Health Check

* Managing Space

* Filing Definitions Explained

* Top Tips To

* Paper Files are Technology Too

* What Spock Would Say About Records Management

* Managing Space and your Health too

* Want to get your shared driveunder control?

* Happy New Year

* Paper Files are Technology Too

* Cloud Filing

* How to File in an Election Year

* File Retention Myths

* Paperless-ish Office

* Designing Electronic Folders

* The X Files


Featured Product: Kwik File Organiser

A complete kit includes files and labels.

Filing Health Check!

How healthy are your files? Do you spend too much time looking for things? Do you comply with current legislation?
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