Services and Products


From planning the most efficient office layout for space saving, ease of use and best OH&S practice, to implementing filing systems designed to minimize downtime and maximize ease of accessibility the right plan can have both immediate and long term financial benefits to any organization. Whether you need to reappraise your current filing system, or are moving and need to set up a new system, Filecorp’s consultants can provide you with a professional appraisal on everything from layout and equipment to filing systems and procedures that will deliver Best Practice solutions for your business. 

Free Filing Health Check

Ever wondered how you could improve you office productivity? Bad filing systems can result in many hours of lost time. With our free filing health check one of our staff will do an onsite appraisal of your current filing and storage system and advise on what solutions would best improve your office productivity.

Records Management Solutions

Filecorp helps businesses to implement best filing practices to achieve a professional and aesthetically pleasing working environment where staff can easily locate important documents when required and consequently increasing productivity.

File Transfer Services

Need help getting your filing system into order? Filecorp have experienced people that can come into your office and assist with labeling, transferring or archiving your files. It’s what they are trained to do so they can do it much more efficiently than your own staff, allowing your staff to focus on keeping your business running smoothly.  

Online Ordering

Filecorp provide 24/7 online ordering of a wide range of our products from files and labeling to storage and archive boxes along with a full range of accessories, filing cabinets and shelving units.

Custom printed files

We can print files with your Company branding and a customised template to suit your records keeping needs.